Are you the woman who desires to impact the world with her spiritual gifts?

So that you can finally work from your intuition, feel fulfilled, work in complete alignment with your purpose, attract your dream clients, sell soulfully with ease, charge premium rates unapologetically and scale your business online to earn the income you truly desire? Then good news soulsister as you're in the right place!

For Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Yogis, Holistic Practitioners, Health and Wellness providers or the next wave of intuitive entrepreneurs.

Let's get you clarity, paying clients and money flowing into your business. I'm super excited you are here, ready to embrace and implement your vision, with clarity, purpose, mission, ambition and alignment.

You know why you're here!

There's a longing, a desire, a knowing deep inside of you, that you are meant for more. You know there's a power greater than you, to guide you, to raise you up and to elevate your business. You're ready to embrace this opportunity and breakthrough to your full potential.


Maybe you're an aspiring entrepreneur, you're watering the seedling of a business idea or you've started your dream business, but you feel you want support, guidance and mentoring to actually understand yourself, your gifts and how you can serve others. 

It's natural to feel alone, to get stuck or even paralysed by fear, to get massively overwhelmed or to experience a spiritual path and want to progress it further, but you know there's inner work to be done to prepare you.

Consider me your mentor to trust in, to be the wind beneath your wings, to lift you up and help you soar to new heights.




A Signature Private 1-1 Coaching program aimed at spiritual entrepreneurs in the birthing or infancy stages of their business.

Spiritual means different things to each of you. I'm open to hearing your experiences and allowing you to develop at your own pace in an empathic environment.

I've been on a transformational spiritual journey and I've been guided to embrace my practice and infuse it throughout my business to help others on their unique path.

It can be overwhelming to start and grow a business and I'm here to help you work through many common stressful and draining problems, that prevent you from reaching your clients or earning your worth.

My Sweet Success - Lynne Taggart

For me this was the hardest part, finding my truest most authentic voice. Damn I knew what I wanted to say, the voice was talking to me all the time but it wasn't good at being heard, it was worried about what other people would say, it held back from speaking out, from sharing it's truth and from helping others. It was like internal torture for a while. I felt like I was suffocating in a deep secret. Sound familiar lovely?

Eventually, when I sought the help of professional intuitive coaches and spiritual teachers I was able to recognise the fears, the blocks and the limiting beliefs. I was able to work on quieting the noise, reframing the beliefs and clearing space for 'that power greater than me' to guide me on my journey.

I want the same for you.

When you become the truest version of yourself and step into your light, the magic begins to happen. It's true that what you focus on definitely grows and opportunities will appear beyond your wildest vision. 

With over eleven years entrepreneurial experience I can assure you that you are in very safe hands. I want the absolute best results possible for you in terms of fulfilment, growth and abundance and will support you every step of the way.


Together beauty we will work on getting clarity, getting paying clients and money flowing into your business.

Sharing your gifts with the masses can be overwhelming so we dive into the following:



The pivotal uniqueness of your business, that sets you apart from all the other gift givers in your field.

What do you believe and want to share with your tribe?



The important forefront of your manifestations and meditations for bringing in what you desire.

What is your idyllic life picture?

What do you want to look back on life and be remembered for?



This is crucial to you working in alignment and serving others from an authentic natural place.

Often this is a tricky one as you may be working from your passion, not your purpose. Its crucial we dive into this deeper!



Your tribe will bring you success. They will inspire, honour and elevate you in leading them on their journey. They are your people to nurture, to learn from and to propel your growth.

Identifying your ideal client, where they hang out and getting them to stand up and notice YOU!



Shadows create darkness so by working through what's causing the shadows you remove the darkness, allowing the light to flood you.

We will bring you into your fullest, brightest light and create your spiritual success that aligns with everything you stand for and desire to create.



You want more money, more time, more choices, more freedom. You need to reserve your energy to allow your fullness to be gifted to others. We will consider all these things when preparing your Success Map.

We will create a personal blueprint for your business that will speak to the masses and draw them into your sacred space. They are already awaiting your gifts beauty!




and all the other slightly insane beliefs that hold you back.

It's important to recognise how these beliefs, that have took years to form, impact you and your business. We will work to remove these blocks and set you up for success, to earn the money you deserve and finally feel aligned in your work. Sound good soulful?



Oh and we cover the nitty gritty business basics that you need to build your empire! I get it, it's overwhelming implementing everything you need to be a global entrepreneur, that's where our sessions together can fast track your success.

I can share all the resources, tools and platforms that I've used to set myself up for success. This will save you time, energy and money.  I simplify the online world for you!


In a nutshell: Clarity, Alignment, Clients and Money!

It goes without saying, you want to be in control of your own results darling! And you can. You are gifted with spiritual truths, knowings and insights that most people never learn to access. This is your magic key.

You know you are willing and ready to step into your divine power TODAY, not tomorrow.

You are fully unquestionably committed to reaching the masses, growing your tribe and becoming a recognised name in your field. You're finally doing away with pain, with stress, with mediocre and with wasting time. You are precious, your life is precious.

Your newfound belief and declaration to 'get results' will change your World, it will grow your business and scale you to momentum and beyond. No more fluffing around girlfriend, this is your time!


You're done with hiding ashamedly under the duvet, wishing your days away. It's here, the feeling of complete satisfaction that you've been searching for forever. And when you feel fulfilled that total alignment you've been craving kicks in. You find yourself, your voice, you connect to your inner child and you can just relax in being you and doing what you love most.


Imagine a pool of faces, waiting to hear you speak, waiting for your wisdom and teachings. It's like a huge champagne party on your millionairess yacht. They are in awe of you, you bring each of them to life and touch their deepest soul. Get the tissues at the ready lovely!


Money is your true love, it adores you and vice versa. It flows into your life like oxygen and all that pain you always felt just melts away. You don't have to sell anything, you just share your truths and your tribe throw their credit cards at you.

Forget pricing what you think people will pay, master your self worth and it's all in your intuition.

The Universe wants unlimited guilt free wealth for you.


You want to pack up and travel to the bluest ocean and whitest sands, retreat with your girlfriends in Bali (heck yes, at least twice a year) or fly first class to 7 star resorts? 

You want to find the perfect balance between spiritual and physical whilst maintaining your energies and serving your clients?

You're ready say YES to your dreams and NO to the fears?

Then you will become the maker of your fairytale fantasies, work will feel like love's young dream and you will reach your goals effortlessly. You will become the master of hustle and the queen of complete relaxation in divine timing.


You're ready to create more time and more money through growing your business, your tribe and your sales. You're ready for recurring income but have no clue how you can implement it into your business. You want to work on your divine gifts but what about all the other stuff that needs done? Darling you are in the right place as I show you how to remain in your zone of genius, implement passive income streams and sell less to make more.


Sweet Success Darling is a 4 month private coaching experience working one-on-one with me, where you will receive guidance specific to you and your business. Before we begin your transformation, we will get clear on your goals and desired outcome for our time together.

We will meet weekly for our calls which will last 1 hour, and this will be the most transformative hour of your week. It always amazes me what we work through in that time. I will share exactly what you need in that moment, to work through your inner needs and the business tools or resources that will help you move forward in your journey.


I prefer to take an intuitive approach with each client, personal to your needs. 

I find this brings the best results for you and the growth of your business. Sound good darling?

I also suggest that we connect initially to ensure that our energies align to work together and that are ready to commit to this experience, knowing that I have your best interests at heart.

I'm excited for you and your dreams!


Limited 1-1 spaces available

The average investment is $10k (payment plans available)





Are you like me and always looking for the red carpet treatment? With the VIP track you can expect, a few extra treats.

An overnight stay in the UK with a full day together to work on your biz

 Unlimited email access to get your queries answered



Email love@mysweetsuccess.co.uk


I just wanted to say Thank you for the amazing sessions so far. The difference I feel already is massive in a very positive way. That's on every front. Work, personal & spiritual!
So many switches have clicked on and I've now so many ideas running around my head that I'm now going to put into action! I feel like I've grown 2 years in just weeks, thank you so much.

-Emma, Reiki Holistic Practitioner


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